You use your bathroom more than you probably realize. From the time you wake up and brush your teeth to washing your face before bed, the master bathroom is a high-traffic area in which you spend a lot of time. You may have often wondered if this room needs a full-fledged remodeling, rather than just throwing a new coat of paint over the walls every so often. Your sinks, shower, and even tile could benefit from a facelift and today, the NTX Elite Construction team wants to take a look at some factors that could show you it is indeed time to start a bathroom remodeling project this new year.


How Old is the Room?

If you are the owner of a home that has been around for a while, there’s potential the bathroom (and maybe another room) is outdated. Whether it has a unique tile pattern that is of decades past or the wallpaper doesn’t fit the vibe you normally want in your home, the room is showing its age. This also brings into question the integrity of the tub, shower, sink, and other porcelain fixtures. Rather than waiting for them to chip, crack, or stop working completely, finding replacement options can be a better option. Getting ahead of the curve and renovating your bathroom after a certain amount of years is better than waiting and potentially costing yourself a lot of money.

You Want Different Things

In the past, you may have really liked the all-white vibe of your bathroom. However, as you’ve gotten older, there is a strong likelihood your tastes have changed, both in food and interior design. Maybe you have a small bathroom and want to lighten it up, or your large bathroom needs to be darkened a bit. Perhaps you would like to add a freestanding claw-foot bathtub to the room because it reminds you of your visit to Florence and you simply cannot do with only a shower anymore. Luckily for you, remodeling your shower, bathtub, sinks, or entire bathroom will do just that and add the liveliness or impose the change you’ve been looking for.


Your Needs Have Changed

Some people have a knee surgery or a lower body injury, making it more difficult to get in and out of the shower or stand at the sink tor brush their teeth. If something like this rears its head, a bathroom remodel can be a great way to remedy the issue and make life a little bit easier for you and yours. Whether you need a specialty bathtub or shower installed, or you need some doorways expanded, a bathroom that fits your needs and your lifestyle is crucial. You shouldn’t have to work around your bathroom, it should be customized for what you need and a bathroom renovation will do exactly that.

When you are ready to start your bathroom remodeling project, call the professional home remodeling contractors at NTX Elite Construction. With years of combined expertise, as well as a proven track record of successful projects, we can help you build the bathroom of your dreams. Start the new year off with a new bathroom; call us today to get started!