As a Texas homeowner, you likely want your home to be a representation of who you are. Home remodeling projects are an effective way to refresh your abode and communicate an entirely new attitude to match your home’s updated style. When it comes to kitchen renovations, it’s important to decide on a style that will provide you with the most value for your money. One effective way to get the new kitchen you envision is to hire home remodeling contractors with a history of success. NTX Elite Construction is proud to be your trust source for kitchen remodeling in North Texas, delivering personalized outcomes that are as effective as they are affordable.

The color that you choose for your kitchen will create a specific ambiance for its inhabitants. Today, we’ll continue to look at several popular colors and how they can help to make or break the results of your kitchen remodel. If you’re looking for professional assistance, be sure to speak with one of our home remodeling contractors for assistance today!


Those that dare to risk it stand to benefit from an energetic and lively feeling when covering their kitchen in orange. You may be hard-pressed to find kitchen designs that allow for a lot of orange, but those who want an exuberant and carefree lifestyle may prove to be big fans.

Unfortunately, orange is too vibrant to be versatile in most kitchen design schemes. Encompassing your walls in this hue will result in an exceptionally bright outcome that may wash out other valuable features of the kitchen. If you can’t live without your orange, you may be happier finding appliances and smaller accents that can infuse joy and celebration into your kitchen design!


Orange’s cousin seeks to make a statement of boldness and individuality. Red is often associated with love and intimacy, serving to make a great accent color for those who are young and in love or at least young at heart. The aggressive nature of red, though, can make it hard to find a balance.

Unfortunately for red, it is often too much for normal use. Deeper reds may look rich, but they often reduce the visual size of the kitchen. It can also be hard to coordinate your appliances and countertops with this color. While we have all but condemned red, it can be very valuable when used in moderation with white accents or as minor accent pieces. If you can find a color that goes well with a red accent wall, why not go for it?


On the other side of the field is green, which is both versatile and popular amongst home remodeling enthusiasts. It can be hard to go wrong with earthy tones, whether they be pale, vibrant, or anywhere in between. Your green kitchen will convey your focus on refreshment and renewal. Those looking for big changes in life are often very happy with a green theme in the kitchen.

While green is versatile, it’s important to exercise restraint when pushing the limits of this color. Matching the wrong color with your green can become gaudy. We recommend spending extra time at this point if you’re considering another color combination.


One major aspect that adds to your kitchen renovation’s value is the lifespan of your updates. Some styles, while bold and popular at present, may quickly go the way of wallpaper. White is one color that is both popular in many modern applications and viewed as a timeless choice. When done correctly, you can evoke a sense of luxury and cleanliness for those that visit.

White is a versatile choice when used with bold accents such as purple or blue. One thing to be wary of is utilizing this bright hue with other light colors, as it can combine to be too much for the eyes. Otherwise, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile option.

There are many colors available that can determine the ultimate success of your kitchen design. In many cases, your home remodeling project is determined by people’s feeling when they see the color encasing each room. It’s vital to choose which colors represent your unique style. If you’re looking for professional assistance with kitchen remodeling in North Texas, NTX Elite Construction is here to help. Our home remodeling contractors are here to deliver the best outcomes for each and every one of our clients. We’ll work with you to find the right color to match your house and your life. Contact us today for assistance!