If you are in the process of a home remodeling project, you’ll be faced with a wide range of style choices to make that best meets your vision. This oftentime relies on the rejuvenating process of interior paint to update and refresh your home. In most cases, small investments can provide major enhancements for both your daily enjoyment and the overall value of your property. House painting is one project that can provide considerable benefits, but if the wrong hues are chosen, you may find yourself back at the paint department looking for a remedy. NTX Elite Construction is here to provide top-quality bathroom and kitchen remodeling to North Texas homes. Our team of experienced home remodeling contractors works to deliver personalized results that exceed your expectations while staying within your budget. If you’re in need of kitchen design or remodeling services, we’re ready to help.

As a popular space for many of your daily activities, the kitchen serves as an integral part of the home. It often proves a difficult decision for homeowners when choosing the colors for their kitchen. Today, we’ll explain the psychology behind what your kitchen paint color conveys about your style. If you’re in need of professional home remodeling services, be sure to give us a call!


In all of its shades, a pink kitchen seeks to welcome guests in a lively and soothing manner. If your kitchen embraces the eye with a loving pink, you are a tender soul who aims to provide solace and comfort to all who enter your home.

We started with pink because it is often the last choice when choosing your color. Different parts of the world utilize pink as a vivid part of their kitchen style. In many cases, we recommend a paler tone to convey that comfort. Failure to do so may cause eye strain!


The color of divinity communicates how grounded you are while showing your passion for connecting with others on a spiritual level. Your purple kitchen seeks to convey a consciousness of the world around you and how you fit into it. Many people speak of their experience with purple as a way to refresh their view on the world and start anew.

In many homes, purple can be a hard color to achieve harmony with in relation to your kitchen design. Be sure to take your time in choosing different colors in relation to this one, as a harmonious balance will make or break your results!


The canary of colors serves to display your professionalism and focus in life. Yellow displays your value of intelligence and productivity, showing guests that you are here to live life and get stuff done. This color has also seen a surge in popularity as kitchen designers aim to create individuality for many clients.

Yellow can be a hard color to master for many people. Our home remodeling team often relies on vibrant hues to create a quality dynamic that serves to display your determination. Failing to deliver on the intensity can result in a flat, buttery look, so plan carefully if you’re using this color to create a new kitchen.



If you’re going azul, you’ll be rewarded with peace and tranquility in your daily activities. Blue is known to help achieve Zen, calmness, balance, and any other words that help you breathe and rest easily. Kitchen renovations that rely on a blue theme will convey peace and calm for everyone. This color is a popular choice, and is often used with a variety of accents to achieve contrast without going overboard.

The intensity of your blue will often help to emote a different feeling. Darker blues (when utilized properly) evoke a deeper sense of thinking, relying on meditative thoughts and feelings in your kitchen. Lighter blues focus more on peace and finding balance in your daily life. Either way, most homeowners are happy when they go blue.

There are many colors to choose from when deciding on the style and attitude of your new kitchen renovation. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing more color options and how each one can help to achieve a much different outcome. As trusted experts in kitchen remodeling for North Texas homes, NTX Elite Construction is here to help deliver your dream space at an affordable price. We utilize cutting-edge safety techniques and equipment to get the job done right the first time. If you’re looking for assistance with kitchen design, be sure to contact us today!