During your kitchen remodel, you know that you have to prepare to be without a kitchen for a month or potentially longer. You may be thinking to yourself that it is impossible to do this, there is no way for you to live that long without a kitchen. It’s daunting, but certainly doable. There are plenty of ways to circumvent the big obstacles you will encounter, and we have some suggestions to help you do so. The team here at NTX Elite Construction wants to not only give you the most beautiful kitchen, but also make the interim easy on you.

Have Your Kitchenwares Accessible

Whether or not you are installing new cabinets to accompany the rest of your remodeled kitchen, you will have to remove all of your plates, cups, cookware, and the lot from your cupboards and store them elsewhere. Rather than throwing everything into some boxes and having to dig through them to find exactly what you need, organize your items while packing. Using clear plastic tubs and containers can make this process easier and allow you to see what is in each box when you are looking for a coffee mug or your bottle of cumin. If you organize beforehand, it will be less of a headache to find what you need, eliminating an added step in an already difficult situation. Doing this will also make unpacking less of a hassle because you will know where everything is, allowing you to be organized in the aftermath of the controlled chaos.

Don’t Spread Out

Having a utility sink in the garage and a stove in the shed can be great, until you are cooking outside and have to make four trips to get your dishes to the sink. If it’s possible, set up your makeshift kitchen in one room to save yourself some trouble. A garage or basement make good locations, especially if you have all of the necessary outlets for drainage and powering cooking surfaces. Ranges and stoves can often be moved, so if you have the ability to set up near your dish pit, doing so could eliminate a lot of the potential headaches of your substitute kitchen.

Prepare and Pre-Make

It is highly unlikely that you will be surprised by your kitchen remodel. In fact, you probably planned it for weeks, so the anticipation is surely high. In order to make the most of the time leading up to your renovation, preparing food that can be frozen and in-line can make the nights where you just don’t want to deal with your placeholder kitchen that much easier. Having pre-made meals which you can just throw in the oven will remove the hassle of washing dishes and cooking in a foreign environment and instead give you the chance to decompress.

A kitchen remodel, or any remodel for that matter, is an exciting move for you and your home. When you are ready to make this dream a reality, give the experts at NTX Elite Construction a call. We are the best-equipped construction company in the Frisco area, and we will take care of you and your home!