For many Texans, their house is more than just a home; it’s a sanctuary. Whether you’re needing more space to expand for new family members or are simply hoping to increase the enjoyability of your place, a home addition can prove to be a very beneficial venture. While many homeowners are excited about this major renovation, some simply underestimate the scope and intensity of such a large undertaking. North Texans can turn to NTX Elite Construction for assistance. Our experienced contractors are here to provide the best home remodeling to Frisco, Allen, and beyond. Today, we’ll continue to look at a few key points involved with home additions, especially in the materials department. As an experienced home construction company, our team is here to help you every step of the way!

Mastering the Materials

Matching your new addition to the rest of the home will prove to be very beneficial for your home valuation and curb appeal. If not done perfectly, the result can be an eyesore for you and your neighbors. Most homeowners aim to incorporate their new addition in a way that disguises the fact that their new installment is indeed an add-on. If you’re considering upgrading your place, be sure to speak with NTX before getting started!

Transforming the Trim

Matching the size and style of your home’s trim can range in difficulty based on the age of the house itself. Newer homes utilize modern styles that are still in stock today. Older residences, however, can prove to be more challenging. Worst case, our custom woodwork experts can find or create the perfect product to match your home’s existing trim. Time and materials at this stage will increase the price, but not too much in the grand scheme. Installing the right trim can take your home addition to a new level in terms of aesthetic quality. If you decide to sell, this aspect can pay big!

Roofing Reinforcement

This aspect of your home can prove to be a headache if a suitable color and style match is not available. The roofing industry grows and shrinks in terms of inventory, where even the newer styles may not be available to match your existing system. Based on the style and location of your addition, you may be able to get away with a similar style of roofing. If this isn’t feasible, finding a completely different material as an accent can work. If your roof is aging and looks to be near the end of its lifespan, it may be wise to simply install new roofing across the board for a smooth, seamless finish on the top of your home.

Deciding on Doors

The doors that adorn your home serve as an entrance to your sanctuary, and should therefore be planned in advance for the best possible outcome. While these devices are typically easy to mix and match in terms of style and pattern, the cost of replacing every door can quickly add up. Therefore, it’s often recommended to go out and seek doors that match your current setup. As your home remodeling contractors, we will be able to find or create matching doors for the addition. Often times, people can find the perfect door at a salvage yard or second-hand home improvement store. The sooner you can decide on your ideal doors, the easier the home addition will be. Our crew will be able to design and install around the new doors in order to create rooms that match their entrances expertly.

Painting Perfection

Unlike most of the other considerations for your home addition, matching the paint to existing colors should be a breeze. There are several options here when undergoing a home renovation, such as painting the new components to seamlessly fit with existing walls or finding new colors for the entire structure. The only thing holding many homeowners back from putting a fresh coat on all of their interior and exterior surfaces is the cost. If you have a color in mind, though, modern technology makes it so that your color can be exactly matched. Regardless of the materials and pattern of your new addition, finding the perfect shade of paint should be easy to achieve. Our house painting specialists can help you to cover your home in beauty with smooth, seamless finishes.

Handling Hardware

One aspect that may not make a major difference in the overall aesthetics of the home is your home’s hardware. While not a big gamechanger, installing matching hardware can prove to be a next-level move that takes the visual of your home to the next level. Acquiring the doorknobs, hinges, handrails, and other small features in a matching fashion can be as beneficial as it is enjoyable. If you have a certain style in mind, or want to match your new hardware to the home’s existing products, it can be helpful to speak to a hardware specialty store to find the perfect items.

Synchronizing the accessories for your home addition can prove to be a major positive once the dust settles. Homeowners who want the perfect outcome for their place should spend the time to find quality products that serve to enhance the visual aesthetics. Those who want amazing results for their home remodeling in Frisco can benefit from reaching out to our experienced remodeling company. NTX Elite Construction is proud to provide top-tier renovation services to deliver amazing results every time. Contact us today to see what we can do to beautify your home!