When the interest rates drop nationwide for housing, many citizens will plan on either upgrading to a new home or installing an addition on their current property. Unlike a bathroom remodel, a home addition is one service that cannot simply be undone. It’s crucial to find a home construction company with a proven track record and integrity-driven services to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. If you are considering home remodeling in Frisco and the North Texas area, NTX Elite Construction can help! Our professional team provides a wide range of home remodeling services, from custom kitchen cabinets to full rebuilds. Residential additions can be a complex process, which is why NTX is here to assist your project every step of the way. Today, we’ll begin to look at a few considerations that can be essential when planning on building an addition. Quality and precision can make the difference between a wonderful investment and a major headache. Remember to contact our team for any of your home remodeling needs!

The Scope of Home Additions

Many people consider residential additions to be a small, quick process. While NTX strives to deliver the best results in a speedy manner, additions still represent a major investment on your part. In fact, home additions are often considered as the most important renovation available for most homes. The full scope of building an addition is vast and the costs can add up! Installing an additional 300 square feet of space to your home costs an average of close to $25,000 in the United States. Many homeowners can plan on spending six figures when it comes time to pay for their new addition, equating to one intense project.

Before you begin planning for this project, it’s important for you as the homeowner to make sure that an addition is the best solution for your house. Simple home remodeling for your North Texas place may be enough to satisfy all of your family’s residential needs. Whether you want to convert an attic or unfinished basement or want to knock out non load-bearing walls, the choices for optimizing space are numerous. Be sure to reach out to NTX for a consultation here to find the best solution.

Cost-Value Balancing

One benefit of investing in a home addition is the possibility of recovering all of your total cost when you close on the sale of your home. Numerous studies have been done to find the true return on investment (ROI) for residential additions, and the overall conclusion is a positive one. For the most part, homes with two-story additions often recover their costs at closing time. It’s important here to remember that much of this aspect will depend on the housing market, where some homes will more than benefit financially in a seller’s market while others may lose money after all is said and done.

The long-term costs also need to be taken into consideration. From upkeep costs to increased heating and cooling needs, secondary factors should be accounted for. Homeowners who do not plan on these supplementary costs may end up being very unhappy with the results!

Interior Additions, Exterior Reductions

Any home addition that is not directly on top of the current structure will end up taking up your yard’s space. While some homeowners may consider this a non-issue, others place a high value on their outdoor space. Many new homes built across the country are featuring larger structures that take up more lot space, resulting in tiny yards. If you and your significant other are fans of open spaces, remember to consider the floor plan of your home addition before starting the project.

The most obvious benefit of installing an addition to your home is the increase in space. Every square foot that occupies your lawn is now open as a fresh new element within the home. Second-story additions can provide even more space, often creating a new flow and design to essentially deliver an entirely new interior.

Changing the Home’s Tone

When you place an addition on your home, it’s crucial to consider how the new space will affect your home’s flow. Many homeowners enjoy the unique feel of their home, and building a residential addition can majorly change that feeling. It’s important at this point to remember that a home remodeling addition cannot be undone (at least not without a great cost). Be sure to plan your addition with the flow and feel of your home in mind. As always, NTX can help you with the project planning!

Planning an addition for your North Texas home will involve a lot of details and considerations in order to ensure the best outcome. NTX Elite Construction is here to provide comprehensive home remodeling services to Frisco and beyond, focusing on quality and integrity throughout every step of the project. Next time, we’ll take a look at a few more factors that may prove helpful for you when considering how to best upgrade your place. NTX is here for all of your remodeling needs, from small bathrooms to second-story additions. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote on your project!