Are you starting to get the do-it-yourself itch? Are you looking at that wall in between your kitchen and dining room and wondering what it would look like after a couple of whacks from a sledgehammer? Have you been contemplating taking a crowbar to your bathtub and ripping it out of the floor? We understand the temptation potential home improvement projects can bring, but before you break out the gloves and goggles, consider letting the professionals take care of it for you. The NTX Elite Construction team is accomplished in nearly every aspect of home construction projects. We pride ourselves on completing every project in a timely manner, exemplifying craftsmanship, style, and professionalism. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, or other home improvement project, reach out to NTX Elite and see how we can help you achieve your dream home.

House Additions

Not having enough space can be a large problem for homeowners, especially those with families or planning on starting one. Whether you don’t have enough storage or the kids are getting too old to share a bedroom, you might find yourself facing conundrums like this, but moving is not an option. This is when a house addition might be a good idea. Adding on to your existing house, if done properly, can add a great deal of value to your home while also providing you the additional space you need. Maybe a family member is moving in and an attached guest house would be perfect, or you’re expanding your workshop and the garage won’t do anymore. The team at NTX Elite is ready to handle a house and room addition with speed and efficiency. Reach out and ask how we can most effectively give you the house addition you’re looking for.

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Bathroom Fixtures

Installing a new shower or toilet can be a draining and demanding project. From understanding your home’s plumbing system to the heavy lifting and cosmetic touch-ups that are sure to be in order once you’ve done the hard work, bathroom fixtures and their installation require a great deal from you. Rather than spending an entire weekend trying to deal with a bathtub and the frustration that comes with making sure it’s draining properly, give NTX Elite a call. Not only are we familiar with plumbing projects, but our team has installed more bathroom fixtures than we can keep track of. Let our team give you the time to take care of other things while we install the fixtures and help finish your bathroom remodeling project in no time.

Here at NTX Elite, we love helping people make home improvements they have been looking forward to. Not only are we a team of home contractors with invaluable remodeling and renovation experience, but we also care about getting your home up and running as quickly as possible. Please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form to get in touch and see what we can do to make your home improvement ideas a reality. Get in touch and experience the NTX Elite difference for yourself!