Home improvement projects can be daunting task for any homeowner to take on alone. Whether it is a small cosmetic improvement like staining wood, adding a new coat of paint, or installing a light, or something a little bit bigger like replacing your countertops or adding new appliances or fixtures to your bathroom, there is always the risk of something not working out how you planned. That’s why NTX Elite Construction is here. Our team of commercial and home construction experts are ready and able to handle any situation a homeowner or developer may have in mind. Home renovations are the name of our game, and your McKinney home will never look better after we have helped remodel your kitchen or bathroom.


Cooking, cleaning, and countless other activities make your kitchen countertops the recipient of more traffic than you may realize. Whether you are unloading groceries, rearranging where you put your dishes and cutlery, or are putting together your next dinner party, the wear and tear on your kitchen counters will quickly catch up and make its presence known. If you are looking for a surface that is more durable or are ready to change the look of your kitchen, NTX Elite Construction has a knowledgeable construction team ready and able to replace or repair your countertops. Whether you are making the move to marble or granite or want to improve that stainless steel you’ve come to know and love, any kitchen renovation will be made complete when our team installs your new countertops or fixes your current ones. If you are curious as to just what we offer, fill out a free estimate form or give us a call.

Painting and Cosmetic Updates

As much fun as choosing the color scheme and finding exactly the right paint roller to match the height of your bathroom can be, taking care of your house and wall painting might not instill enthusiasm in you. However, our team of home improvement experts get excited when the time comes for an interior paint job. Not only will we provide the most complete house painting job in McKinney, our team will make sure your home is left spotless, like we were never even there.

Here at NTX Elite Construction, we care just as much as you do about the well-being of your home. From the kitchen to the master bathroom, no job is too small for us to take care of. We are McKinney’s prime kitchen and bathroom renovation company and we believe that Home improvement is the name of the game, so give us a call and let’s get started today!