1. What To Know About Home Additions In North Texas Part 1

    When the interest rates drop nationwide for housing, many citizens will plan on either upgrading to a new home or installing an addition on their current property. Unlike a bathroom remodel, a home addition is one service that cannot simply be undone. It’s crucial to find a home construction company with a proven track record and integrity-driven services to ensure the best possible outcome for …Read More

  2. Cosmetic Bathroom Remodels

    In our last entry, we discussed the pros and cons that are involved in a full-blown bathroom remodel when you strip the room and build from the studs up. While that is great if you have the time and have a specific design or layout in mind, sometimes you want something a little less intensive. If that’s the case, opting for a cosmetic bathroom renovation might be more your style. Even if it’s …Read More

  3. Gutting or Touching Up?

    The NTX Elite Construction team sees every house as great but also having potential to look even better. When it comes to your bathroom, you might be between a rock and a hard place deciding just how much of renovation or remodeling you want to take up. You often have two options when it comes to your bathroom: gut the room and start with just the studs, or do some cosmetic makeovers and avoid the…Read More

  4. Bathroom Wall Refreshers

    When it comes to a bathroom renovation or remodeling project, your first thought may lean towards gutting the room, taking a sledgehammer to the walls, and starting from the studs. Sometimes, however, you may not need to opt into an entire bathroom redesign and construction project. Instead, a smaller bathroom upgrade can bring new life into your powder room without too much construction in your h…Read More

  5. When is it Time to Remodel your Bathroom?

    You use your bathroom more than you probably realize. From the time you wake up and brush your teeth to washing your face before bed, the master bathroom is a high-traffic area in which you spend a lot of time. You may have often wondered if this room needs a full-fledged remodeling, rather than just throwing a new coat of paint over the walls every so often. Your sinks, shower, and even tile coul…Read More

  6. Benefits of Custom Woodworking

    Have you ever looked at your home and been less than impressed with your cabinets or vanities? Have you imagined taking a crowbar or sledgehammer, blasting them into kingdom-come, and starting from scratch? If that sounds like you, we have some good news! The NTX Elite Construction team is happy to provide quality custom woodwork services for any of our construction clients. From cabinets to vanit…Read More

  7. Prepping a Makeshift Kitchen

    During your kitchen remodel, you know that you have to prepare to be without a kitchen for a month or potentially longer. You may be thinking to yourself that it is impossible to do this, there is no way for you to live that long without a kitchen. It’s daunting, but certainly doable. There are plenty of ways to circumvent the big obstacles you will encounter, and we have some suggestions to hel…Read More

  8. What to Expect During a Kitchen Remodel

    If you’ve chosen to remodel your kitchen, it can be an exciting time. In a matter of weeks, your kitchen will look unrecognizable (in a good way), you will have added a vast amount of value to your property, and it will be one of those little things in life that improves your day. However, the road to a completed kitchen remodel is no easy path and there are a number of things to keep in mind wh…Read More