As a Texas homeowner, you are likely excited about the prospect of enhancing your living space, improving your home while adding property value in the process. From the landscaping to the rec room in the basement, every aspect of your abode has the potential to be optimized with quality home remodeling services. One area that often receives little attention but can provide major improvements is remodeling the bathroom. Residents are often so focused on the details of their materials and plans that they neglect to consider getting a permit from their city’s permit center. While a permit is not required by the city of Dallas for interior remodeling that does not change the floor space or windows and doors, it can prove to be entirely beneficial to obtain one if you are planning on bathroom renovations. Another option would be to seek out a professional remodeling company for assistance.

NTX Elite Construction is proud to your trusted pros for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Dallas, delivering personalized results to match your vision and meet your budget. For years, our home remodeling contractors have worked hard to achieve a high standard of quality with each service we provide.

When you hire a local remodeling company such as the NTX team, the permitting process will likely be taken care of for you. Today, we’ll highlight the value of completing the permit process before starting your home improvements. When you’re ready to plan your renovation, be sure to give our team a call!

Safety First

Bathroom renovations can include changing electrical fixtures, moving plumbing, and additions to increase space. Unfortunately, all three of these areas hold their own risks and hazards if the proper precautions aren’t met. Shock hazards in a moisture-rich zone can be dangerous to occupants both in terms of electrocution and fire potential. Improper plumbing installations can result in unsanitary results within the home, making your property a biohazard that requires costly remediation. Additions can also be potentially dangerous of proper bracing measures are not taken. Structural collapses happen!

Legal Complications

If your work is done without a permit and one was ultimately needed, you may be on the hook for serious legal concerns. Any injuries resulting on your property as a result of an undocumented renovation can result in legal action against you in addition to varying support from your insurance company. Every case is different, and we aren’t here to scare you about legalities. Permits are a beneficial way to document that your project was done per the city’s approval. After an inspection, it will be documented that your remodeling project was a success, providing considerable peace of mind.

Selling Your Home

One of the biggest areas where a permit can make or break the success of your project comes when it is time to put your residence on the market. A permit and successful inspection show potential buyers, their bank, and the municipal building department that the work was done within specifications and meets the standard for safety and compliance.

Selling a house in today’s society requires a lot of assurances that both parties are reaching a fair agreement. If your home has serious defects or hazards, it is the ethical responsibility of your selling party to disclose this information to interested buyers. A property inspection is normal during escrow, with an outside party trained in comprehensively checking vital parts of the home coming in to assess your property. If recent home renovations are obvious and any party involved in the process makes note, there is a big likelihood that the buyer’s financier (their bank) will refuse to make an offer. There is also the risk of legal action after the sale if undisclosed renovations are found by the new homeowners. If you’re not sure when you need a permit, it is vital to discuss it with the permit center.

In numerous cases, a permit will feel like overkill. However, it is recommended to consult with a professional to determine whether or not it is worth seeking. A permit is very affordable and will help you with protection and peace of mind. If you’re seeking additional peace of mind with your bathroom remodeling project in Dallas, the experts at NTX Elite Construction are ready to help. Our home renovation pros provide comprehensive remodeling services for North Texas homes, delivering the best results we can while matching your budget and your vision. Contact us today to receive an estimate for your project!