The NTX Elite Construction team sees every house as great but also having potential to look even better. When it comes to your bathroom, you might be between a rock and a hard place deciding just how much of renovation or remodeling you want to take up. You often have two options when it comes to your bathroom: gut the room and start with just the studs, or do some cosmetic makeovers and avoid the majority of your toolbox. While you can’t go wrong with either avenue, each option has its advantages. We love bathroom renovation projects, no matter how big or small, but we’ll take a quick look at what each option brings to the table and how our team of home construction and remodeling experts can help. Today, we’ll start with how gutting your bathroom can be your best option.

Gutting Your Bathroom

When we say gutting, we mean it in the truest sense of the word. Rather than going piece by piece and spreading a bathroom project out over several weeks, months, or maybe even years, gutting it will force you to stay committed to getting the project done. If you don’t you’ll have another room for equipment in your house rather than a bathroom! When you completely start over with a bathroom, it means you’ll be dealing with a shower remodel, sink replacement, wall painting or decoration (which could include backsplash or new decor), and countless other to-dos. With a professional team to service your Allen, Texas home like the group here at NTX Elite, a project like this is not too hefty or intimidating at all. There are a lists of pros and cons involved in this undertaking, including:

  • Advantages:
    • Get to start over entirely: If you really don’t like the layout of your bathroom, think your tub is outdated, or have always wanted to use a sledgehammer and jackhammer on your own property, then gutting and remodeling a bathroom can be exciting and cathartic for you. You can design exactly what you want, find the perfect interior paint color, and convince your significant other that this was definitely the right idea.
    • Indulgence: A complete master bathroom remodel (or any bathroom remodel, for that matter) is a good way to treat yourself. Oftentimes a home renovation or construction project will be put off until you decide to sell the property or you cannot function in your home without it. Instead of doing that, go ahead and treat yourself to the new room you’ve been waiting on, and spring for the bathtub that has jacuzzi jets or some custom woodwork to go next to your mirror and vanity.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Construction: Our team loves home construction, but we know it can be an inconvenience. When you opt for a full-blown bathroom remodeling project, you are subject to the construction noise, materials, and a timeline. NTX Elite prides ourselves on getting these projects done quickly and with a beautiful end result, but it will assuredly take time.
    • Unforeseen issues: Any time the walls come down or plumbing and pipes are worked around, there is the possibility of a new and unforeseen issue rearing its ugly head. A burst pipe, a layer of flooring or wallpaper you didn’t know about, you name it and it could show up. All of the mysteries of your bathroom will be discovered when you strip it down, so brace yourself for obstacles you didn’t initially anticipate.

A complete bathroom renovation is an exciting project to undertake. If you are hesitant or unsure where to start with yours, get in touch with the expert house remodeling contractors here at NTX Elite Construction. We are proud to serve the Plano Frisco, Allen, and surrounding North Texas areas and will provide you with excellent projects you and your family will love for years to come. Give us a call to get started today!