Life happens, and when it does, many individuals are unprepared for what to do next. This sentiment may include the size of your home, where an unexpected pet adoption or a new baby can quickly shake up your plans. One approach many homeowners take when room runs out for their growing family is to simply pick up and relocate to a new abode. Others have utilized home remodeling services with great results. Anyone looking for quality bathroom remodeling in North Texas can benefit from working with our home remodeling contractors. NTX Elite Construction was founded to offer unbeatable services for our customers, from small home repairs to full floor additions. No matter what you’re looking for, our home renovation experts in North Dallas are here and ready to get to work!

While building a bathroom addition can prove to be an amazing choice for many homeowners, the financial considerations are one area that should be thoroughly figured out before getting too deep into the project. Today, we’ll briefly cover the cost considerations to go with your new bathroom addition. If you are wanting to know more, be sure to reach out to our remodeling company today!

Design Considerations

Deciding on the fixtures you want to include in your new bathroom can greatly affect the overall price. While our last blog focused on the curb appeal and resale value of different approaches, today’s writing will only cover strict product and labor pricing. The level of decor and the quality of your home design elements will greatly change the price as well. Homeowners wanting the Spartan treatment for their addition can expect a price tag that is roughly $9,000 less than those seeking the best products and upgrades. It’s important to keep in mind that bathroom renovations on top of existing plumbing can cost as low as $3,000 while luxury spaces can take the price upwards of $75,000! A few of the following factors should help in narrowing down your decision on how to create an amazing space that is sure to be well worth the investment over the coming years.

Showers and Tubs

Deciding on the type of bathing unit will be one of the first steps in deciding the layout and price of your new bathroom. The shower or tub will be the focal point of your lavatory and will also play a large role in the resale value of your bathroom addition. Keep in mind that the accessories and equipment that goes with each type should be a major part of the pricing process. The showerhead, for example, can range anywhere from a basic unit that costs less than 20 dollars to luxury units with all of the massage features that reach more than 500. The style and tub type you choose will also determine the pricing. On average, though, people can expect to pay between $740 to $1,400 for a bathtub installations or between $1,200 and $2,000 for their shower, as per Home Advisor’s statistics.

Toilet Choices

Beyond your tub or shower, the toilet and sink are the two main fixtures to worry about. The high price associated with toilet installations is due to the costs of installing new plumbing and running it through your home. Homeowners will be tasked with a few decisions for the toilet installation, including:

  • Style type. Consumers can choose between one- and two-piece toilets for their bathroom addition. Two-piece toilets represent the classic look with a lower price tag while modern one-piece choices utilize new technology to provide a myriad of benefits.
  • Bowl shape. You will also need to choose the size and shape of your toilet bowl, with elongated, compact elongated, and round front options being the most common.
  • Flushing style. Gravity toilets are the proven standard for consistent operations, yet in certain situations assisted flush options can be helpful for delivering enough power.

When it comes to bathroom renovations and additions, consumers have a lot to choose from for style, budget, and convenience. Next time, we’ll continue on this subject by looking at a few more considerations for your new bathroom. Anyone looking to make the most of their home can benefit from professional remodeling services from quality providers such as NTX Elite Construction. Our home renovation company has worked to provide the best bathroom remodeling to North Dallas homes and beyond, delivering quality results that are honest, precise, and cost-effective. Contact us today for a quote for your bathroom addition!