In our last entry, we discussed the pros and cons that are involved in a full-blown bathroom remodel when you strip the room and build from the studs up. While that is great if you have the time and have a specific design or layout in mind, sometimes you want something a little less intensive. If that’s the case, opting for a cosmetic bathroom renovation might be more your style. Even if it’s as simple as an interior paint coat or adding a backsplash, cosmetic bathroom upgrades can certainly take your powder room to the next level. We think each strategy for bathroom remodeling and facelifts have their advantages, but today we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of smaller, less intensive strategies for your bathroom and what they can do for you and your home.

Facelifts and Smaller Projects

You may be wondering what exactly we mean by facelifts and cosmetic upgrades for your bathroom. Essentially, anything that involves little to no intensity, demolition, or the requirement for
only a couple of tools can fall under this banner. Rather than ripping the wallpaper off, for example, painting over it with a heavier, wallpaper-proof paint would be an easy fix if the walls hurt your eyes every time you go to wash your hands. Other simple cosmetic bathroom renovations would include things like replacing towel racks, updating your light fixtures, adding things like toilet seat covers and decoration, or a new wall paint job. It sounds pretty great to us, but this route also has its drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons for cosmetic bathroom remodeling include:

  • Advantage:
    • Cost: Without a doubt, the facelift and small bathroom upgrade route will be less expensive than if you opted for a full-blown bathroom construction project. Rebuilds certainly cost money, from material to hours and manual labor, there will always be more to deal with when you fully gut a bathroom. Small items like painting and replacing fixtures will be far more budget-friendly.
    • Add some flair: Taking this path means you aren’t having to buy all new items for the bathroom like a shower, bathtub, sink, or toilet. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to add that lime-green toilet cover or get a mirror with a different shape.
    • Save time: You can get our team of home construction experts to take care of a small bathroom or home upgrade in a matter of a couple of days, depending on everyone’s schedule. Rather than losing a room for an extended period of time, cosmetic touch-ups allow you to get everything taken care of in a shorter window. You will also eliminate the possibility of unforeseen construction issues or necessity to move a load-bearing wall or reset piping.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Less opportunity: Unfortunately, taking the quicker and lower intensity version of the bathroom remodel comes with its costs, the first of which is restrictions in what you can do. Obviously, with a full bathroom renovation you have the opportunity to change the layout of your bathroom, as well as replacing items like the shower and tub or toilet. You are only restricted by where the walls are, and even then the NTX Elite Construction team could work with you to move a wall and extend the bathroom. Cosmetic bathroom upgrades are great, but don’t allow for as much creativity and design.
    • Could lead to more: After painting the bathroom, you may be tempted to retile the shower or install a new countertop sink. One easy facelift item can quickly snowball into another, and then another. You may be better off in the long term doing a full-blown bathroom renovation, but it can be a strong inconvenience at first. However, seeing a great job done can be addicting and you may want to grow your home improvement scrapbook.

The NTX Elite Construction team knows how wonderful it can be to have a newly upgraded and remodeled bathroom. Small-scale facelifts and cosmetic work is great if you have a single problem area or you are ready to get an inconvenience fixed. However, a full-scale overhaul also works great if you have the time to get it taken care of. Whatever your goals for your bathroom renovation, our team of elite home improvement contractors is ready to service your Frisco, McKinney, or other North Texas area home. Give us a call today and let’s get started!