As a Texas homeowner, you have probably weighed the costs and benefits of small bathroom remodel for your smallest lavatory. Often times, this project provides consumers with a wide range of improvements, yet the cost to enjoyment ratio may be skewed if mistakes are made. When doing a bathroom renovation, it’s important to focus on the details and take your time. Rushing through your home remodeling project can result in numerous errors and costly repairs once the dust has settled. One way to avoid mistakes while creating the best outcome for your small bathroom remodel is to hire a local remodeling company such as NTX Elite Construction. For years, our home remodeling contractors have worked hard to create the best processes in order to deliver the absolute best outcome for each of our clients. We strive to set the standard for home renovations, and our attention to detail and customer satisfaction are what make us your go-to home improvement team.

Our experience in the industry and expertise allow us to deliver top-notch results for small bathroom remodeling projects in Dallas, providing our services to North Texas with pride. While we have learned from past mistakes, many of our customers do not have the same luxury. Today, we’ll highlight a few mistakes that you should avoid when you remodel your bathroom.

Leaping Before Your Look

Waiting for your bathroom renovations to be complete can be difficult, but we recommend patience at each stage to help you avoid rushing the project. Plowing through your home renovations without taking the time to focus on quality can result in serious problems. Measuring twice and cutting once is an one adage that still rings true today, as the cost of repairing your mistakes can end up being twice as much as the price you originally budget for!

Skimping on Vital Materials

Small bathroom remodels can create spatial challenges, yet the reduced amount of materials needed often opens the door for high-quality features that don’t break the bank. It’s important to reduce costs when possible, but be sure not to skimp out on the materials that you will use on a daily basis. From your faucet to the tile, every surface will need to hold up to a certain level of use. Choosing the most economical materials can create serious problems, making it essential to know where and when you can lessen your expenses. While your tiles should always be clean and uniform, your light fixtures can be bought at a lower cost while still performing its function perfectly.

Avoiding Professional Help

Doing the job yourself can save you a lot in labor, but only when your actions are done correctly. Many homeowners don the DIY crown, failing to fully consider the level of precision and skill needed for a number of tasks. Plumbing and electrical, for example, are both fields that require professional training to create safe and effective outcomes. It’s important to find a quality home remodeling team for your needs, as a skilled hand can often create a better outcome with a cheaper material than an unskilled hand would produce with the most costly materials.

Not Considering Water or Energy Efficiency

While most modern fixtures boast high levels of efficiency when it comes to utilizing water and power, it’s important to remember that the fancier devices you invest in may require more resources. Installing fixtures with multiple heads, for example, can place a lot of strain on your drains and water heater. While the energy demands of your small bathroom remodel may not increase dramatically, be sure to check the costs of your new fixtures before installing them!

Not Planning for the Future

Things change, and as they do, the design of your bathroom might need to change as well. It’s important to plan ahead, especially for residents who are considering having children or homeowners who are looking forward to their retirement years. It’s important to try and design your small bathroom to be as universal as possible to account for these life changes. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the drawing table for additional bathroom renovations!

Planning ahead can help you to avoid costly mistakes when remodeling your bathroom. If you need assistance determining the best approach for your home renovations, the NTX Elite Construction team can help! We proudly provide quality bathroom remodeling out of North Dallas, delivering amazing results for every Texas home we work in. Contact us today to learn more about our small bathroom remodeling services and to receive a quote for your home improvements!