Upgrading your home to breathe fresh air into it while improving your enjoyment of the property is one tactic that can prove very beneficial for many homeowners. Across Northern Texas, bathroom renovations are being done by crafty homeowners to try and save money. While rolling up your sleeves and taking on home remodeling yourself is an admirable tactic, it is one that is often too much to handle. NTX Elite Construction is here to provide top-notch bathroom remodeling to North Dallas residents and beyond. Our professional team is here to upgrade your home, from the tiles to the shower to entire additions.

Today, we’ll look at a few more common mistakes that people make when upgrading their own restroom. If you’re ready to start your dream upgrades, be sure to contact our home renovation experts!

Incomplete Waterproofing

The act of waterproofing your shower is one that needs to be done correctly on the first try, otherwise you can experience water and mold damages in the room. This can create numerous structural and health concerns in the home, and often comes along with a costly repair bill to rectify. It’s important to check your work to ensure that everything was sealed properly. Homeowners can schedule an expert to come and furnish a waterproofing certificate once their shower has passed the inspection. This certificate is useful for proving both the quality of the work and that it was done properly when it is time to sell the home. Our bathroom renovation pros can make this process quick and painless!

Insufficient Ventilation

Moisture is the bane of any interior’s existence, and it is definitely something to pay attention to when updating a restroom. While the water that leaks from your shower is troublesome, the moisture that infiltrates walls and ceilings can be even more of a headache. It’s important to provide proper ventilation in your new bathroom, including an exhaust fan and quality windows. Many people make the mistake of buying paint for their bathroom without checking the properties that the material offers. There are paint options available that offer increased protection from steam, moisture, and mold. No matter how beautiful your renovation is, adequate ventilation determines whether or not it stays beautiful!

Space Overcrowding

Turning the bathroom into your personal space is an exciting prospect. From new lighting fixtures to updated cabinetry and more, this room is full of potential for amazing upgrades. It’s important to note, though, that you can only do so much in a small space. It’s very easy to overcrowd the bathroom by adding a larger tub, shower, or extra lights. DIYers will benefit from minimizing the upgrades when possible in favor of more space, creating a more open feel that makes you feel more comfortable and less enclosed. Even if everything is done perfectly, a cluttered bathroom will fail to bring relaxation and luxury.

Inadequate Storage

While it’s important to minimize the clutter in your bathroom, it’s also essential to include enough storage space. From towels to razor blades, the modern restroom represents a room that is built to hold all of your beauty products. Being able to provide the proper type of storage for each unique product may be challenging, but putting in the effort can pay dividends once the project is complete. From recessed vanities to built-in cabinets and towel bars, the choice for how to best store everything is up to you!

Avoiding Hot Trends

While this topic does not concern the structure or safety of your bathroom, it is one mistake that homeowners often make. By purchasing trendy fixtures and color schemes, you are setting yourself up for long-term disappointment. That hip, modern style you found on Pinterest will be amazing for the next few years, but will soon become a dated mess. While this may not seem like a big deal, many homeowners are happy with renovations that last for a long time. Upgrading your room’s style every couple of years to keep with the trend can add up!

Bathroom remodels involve a lot of complex planning and work for such a small space. It’s essential to complete your bathroom renovation in a way that is safe, qualitative, and affordable. NTX Elite Construction is your source for comprehensive bathroom remodeling in North Dallas, providing all of the services you need to revitalize your home. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your project quote!