While the modern bathroom may seem like a relatively simple area to renovate, many DIYers come to find out that they have taken on more than they can handle. From setting the tiles to installing the cabinets and toilet, your small bathroom remodel may prove to be a major undertaking. The experts at NTX Elite Construction are here to provide top-notch bathroom remodeling to North Dallas residents and more, including Allen, Plano, Garland, and beyond. With years of experience and reputation built on quality and trust, our team is ready to complete your home remodeling project with efficiency and skill. While we are confident in our ability to take on your bathroom renovation, we understand that die-hard DIYers will still want to take on the challenge. Today, we’ll look at a few common mistakes that people make when taking on their own remodeling projects. If you are in need of guidance or want to know more, be sure to contact our experts before starting on your renovation!

Improper Planning

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a well-laid plan can save you on headaches by the ton. Many homeowners will become excited about their new remodel, running to their local home improvement store to pick up the paint and tools needed to get the job done. It’s essential, however, to properly plan your bathroom renovations before diving in. The demolition stage requires meticulous planning in order to be fully successful. Taking out a wall or installing a new component will require adequate space to accomplish. Bathrooms tend to be small and compact by design, requiring DIYers to complete their tasks in a specific order. The last thing you want when finishing your beautiful countertop is to have to take out the tub behind it!

Going Over Budget

Many people become wrapped up in the excitement of their remodeled bathroom and fail to keep on budget for expenditures. From stunning tiles to custom fixtures, it can actually be very easy to go over on your project’s budget. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, it pays to be patient. Many crafty DIYers will look for products that are on clearance or closeout, capitalizing on cheaper prices that can add up quickly when the last tile is set. An easy way homeowners can save big is by designing their new bathroom in a way that retains the original electrical and plumbing. This way, you won’t be paying for costly plumber services and permit approvals to get the job done. NTX Elite Construction is here to help residents with their home renovation plans in North Texas to minimize unnecessary costs.

Unbalanced Lighting

In the excitement of painting and upgrading fixtures, many residents fail to utilize proper lighting for their new bathroom. Task lighting, in particular, is the type of fixture designed to accomplish a task or job. In your restroom, this ranges from waxing to brushing your teeth. The basic way to ensure that you have the proper amount of lighting is to install a quality mirror over the sink with stylish task lighting at the top or sides, in order to provide adequate illumination for your face and the countertop.

With their small size and reflective surfaces, bathrooms can also easily fall victim to over-illumination. One mistake people make is installing task lighting that is far too intense for the space provided. It’s important to find a fixture that provides a bright light that does not blind the occupant or wash out their mirrored features in the process. It pays to consult with a lighting expert before installing any lighting that you have decided on. This step may save you an extra trip back to the home improvement store!

The American bathroom is both a small and complex room in the home. It’s important to perform bathroom remodeling for your North Dallas home in a way that minimizes mistakes. Even the smallest error can end up creating major headaches down the road. Next time, we’ll look at a few more common mistakes that people make when taking on bathroom renovations on their own. Those that want to avoid such mistakes can benefit from working with NTX Elite Construction. Our team of experienced professionals are here to craft your dream home in a fast, safe, respectful manner. Contact us today to learn more!