Part of being a homeowner is having the freedom to utilize your space as you choose. As long as it is safe and legal, home remodeling contractors will be able to help in creating amazing updates for your house, increasing value and enjoyability in the process. Bathroom renovations are one area that can prove entirely beneficial when it comes to maximizing your space. NTX Elite Construction is proud to be your source for top-notch bathroom remodeling in North Dallas and beyond. Our home construction experts are here to help you create amazing solutions for your house, from simple shower remodels to entire floor additions. For years, the NTX team has worked to deliver amazing results that aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Bathroom additions can be very helpful for your home, but it’s important to know that every situation is unique. Today, we’ll continue our blog by looking more into the major considerations when it comes to adding a bathroom onto your property. If you are considering any kitchen or bathroom renovations, be sure to contact us for a quote!

Bathroom Amenities

The value of your new bathroom in both utilitary and financial regards will depend largely on the work being done. It’s important to remember that return on investment (ROI) will depend on many factors. Today’s hot market makes bathroom additions more lucrative than ever before, but keep in mind that things change. Generally, your investment will depend on two common variables:

  • Number of bathrooms. Houses that have a comparable amount of bathrooms in regard to the number of bedrooms have been shown to be in higher demand than places with more rooms and fewer baths. Simply put, more bathrooms generally equates to better values. This is especially true if you currently have only one bath in your home.
  • Variety of bathrooms. Homes with versatile bathroom fixtures will often do better than similar properties on the market. Having a shower or a bathtub may be nice for your preferences, but having one of each can be very beneficial. You will be trying to sell to a wide variety of buyers, and different restroom combinations will help in the process, from new parents with infants who want a tub for bath time to elderly residents who require a sitting shower stall.

Getting the Most Value

Bathroom renovations are often be seen as an investment, but the enjoyability of your space should work seamlessly with the wants and needs of homebuyers to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your property. One mistake that people make when adding a bathroom addition is trying to skimp on certain costs to meet their budget. In some cases, homeowners will opt for a half bath to save money. While installing a toilet and sink are fine, many experts will suggest upgrading to the ¾ bath to at least include a standing shower, which will ultimately provide more value to possible homebuyers. If you’re paying to get the electrical, plumbing, and interior done nicely, now would make the most sense for upgrading to a better space. Again, every home is different, so be sure to talk to your Top Rated Local® remodeling company for assistance!

Planning your home renovations can be a tricky task, as the sheer volume of variables and recommended practices are enough to make any homeowner’s head spin. Next time, we’ll look into the cost considerations to help consumers gain the most value from their bathroom additions. NTX Elite Construction is proud to be your source for the best bathroom remodeling in North Dallas, delivering amazing results that are sure to make your family happier for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our home remodeling services or to receive a quote for your project!