For many people, their house is more than just a home. It’s a place of refuge, and a place to raise the children. However, when your house is outpaced by the number of kids in the home, it can be time to make a big change. While buying a new place is an option, our quality home remodeling services aim to deliver a much better result. NTX Elite Construction is here to provide quality bathroom remodeling to North Dallas homes and businesses. Our Texas remodeling team is here to breathe new life into your home, creating optimal home solutions to help you make the most of your space. From simple shower remodels to full-level additions, NTX Elite is here to get the job done!

Bathroom renovations can be a big deal, especially if you are considering an addition for your home. Today, we’ll look into a few aspects of bathroom additions that may help you in the decision making process. When ready, be sure to contact our home remodelers for a quote on your project!

Finding the Space

Finding a place to put your new bathroom may prove to be a major challenge, and one that can determine whether or not an addition is feasible in the first place. While many homeowners struggle with finding the optimal space for construction, it is helpful to know that remodeling companies have experience with installing fixtures in creative ways to optimize your space. A few areas that can be converted into a restroom include:

  • Closets. As long as there is enough space, closets provide fairly simple options for installing plumbing and hardware. If the hall closet next to your garage is large enough, it can be converted into a convenient bathroom. Bedrooms that need their own facilities can convert walk-in closets into a personal facility.
  • Laundry rooms. The nature of this space makes it a convenient locale for installing a new bathroom system. A water source will likely be close by, and a drain in the floor will provide easy shortcuts that are very cost effective. If space is limited, you can invest in stackable washer/dryer combos to free up enough room for a toilet or sink. If your laundry room is unfinished, a bathroom addition may provide the perfect opportunity to complete the space and generate more home enjoyment.

  • Bedrooms. Provided your room is big enough, the opportunity exists to install the framework for new walls in order to create a bathroom space. Master bedrooms, in particular, tend to have more space, providing the potential for a quality bathroom installation. Not only will this task provide more convenience, it will also help when it comes time to sell the house.
  • Hallways. If you have a hallway with adequate space at the end, the potential exists for an addition. Based on the design, your hallway may be perfect for a conveniently placed facility. Bathrooms can range in size, so it is important to have a professional come to measure your hallway before starting construction!
  • Garages. Your garage will have the space needed for a quality bathroom addition. This area can provide plentiful convenience, creating a rest-stop in a central part of the home. The unfinished nature of garages also helps here, as homeowners will virtually have a blank slate to work with.

Finding the space to place a new bathroom can be a challenge, but if done correctly, can result in decades of convenience and enjoyment. Growing families tend to need more facilities, and performing home renovations can help in adapting an existing home to match the lifestyle. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing the cost considerations of your bathroom addition. NTX Elite Construction is here to excel in bathroom remodeling for North Dallas homes and beyond, delivering the utmost in quality every time. Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom renovations or to receive a quote on your upcoming project!