The time may have come to update that old, outdated bathroom of yours. After years of use, this space may look tired, worn-down, and dull. Quality bathroom renovations can help to breathe new life into your home’s bathroom, increasing the enjoyability of the space in addition to your home value. One smart way to ensure a great outcome is to find a Texas remodeling company that has built a reputation on success. NTX Elite Construction is proud to offer top-notch home remodeling services to our happy clients. For years, we’ve excelled in bathroom remodeling in North Dallas, delivering personalized solutions to meet each client’s needs, style, and budget.

Oftentimes, the price tag is the biggest deciding factor in how your new bathroom will look. The NTX team is here to help in any way we can, which is why today’s blog will continue our look into bathroom remodeling tips for those on a budget. We understand that money can be tight, which is why our home remodeling contractors work hard to create cost-effective outcomes for every home. When done, be sure to call us in order to receive your fast and accurate quote!

Leaving the Plumbing

One costly upgrade that many homeowners spring for is moving their toilet, tub, or sink. While we love the challenge of small bathroom remodels, the act of adjusting your plumbing can end up being very costly. You will pay a lot for labor because of the level of involvement required to go under the floor, re-fit the pipes, and install them in a new location. In many places, an inspection is needed to ensure that your electrical and sewer amenities are up to code. Our bathroom remodelers have the skills to relocate your fixtures, but we recommend avoiding it if at all possible. Newer technology has made it possible for homeowners and contractors alike to create easy, effective adjustments. However, this equipment is often limited to small projects such as your sink’s water lines.

Tactical Tile Placement

The durability and beauty of tiles are not without cost. Quality tiles can quickly eat up a large percentage of your budget, especially when it comes to paying for the labor of professional remodelers. Those looking to save a big chunk of change can benefit from minimizing tile use, except in critical areas such as the floor. Paints, paneling, and other renovation materials can provide a handy and cost-effective substitute for tile. If you’re not going to budge on installing this costly improvement, it can prove helpful to alternate your favorite tile choice with other more affordable options. This opens the door for a wide range of design options, giving homeowners and designers a new level of versatility for their renovations.

When tile is the only option, it can pay to shop around before getting to work. Tile comes in a wide variety of styles, creating a wide price range for homeowners in need. Some DIYers have been known to try the project themselves in order to save on labor costs. If you choose this route, be sure you have a working knowledge of the process to avoid costly mistakes! As always, our bathroom renovation experts can help find affordable solutions to meet your budget.

Refreshing Grout and Caulk

One easy way to refresh your bathroom that many people overlook is the process of renewing the caulk and grout surrounding your tile, tub, sink, and windows. As dirt and grime begin to build up, the appearance of your bathroom will take a noticeable turn for the worse. You can utilize a number of different cleaning products to bring a white shine back into your grout. For little cost, you can also lay lines of caulk on top for a quick update. The aesthetic benefits of this task make it well worth your time!

Sometimes, less is more. When you’re trying to upgrade your outdated bathroom on a budget, cutting back on costly upgrades can enable you to do more with the space. Next time, we’ll conclude our trio of renovation blogs by looking at even more cost-effective solutions for your place. NTX Elite Construction is proud to be your Top Rated Local® remodeling company in Texas, delivering quality results each and every time. If you are considering quality bathroom remodeling in North Dallas and beyond, we can help! Contact us today to receive a quote for your home.