One of the most important spaces in your home is the bathroom. This small room is vital for daily living, ranging from showers and makeup applications to teeth brushing activities. As such, many Texas homeowners look forward to their own bathroom renovations, as small changes can result in big benefits. NTX Elite Construction is proud to be your source for unbeatable bathroom remodeling in North Dallas and beyond, striving to deliver amazing outcomes for each of our happy clients. Harboring years of experience and the tools needed to complete nearly any task, our home remodeling experts are here and ready to offer transformative results in your home that are both stunning and cost-effective.

We aim to do everything in our power to meet your unique requirements, ranging from style to budget. Oftentimes, a homeowner’s budget will have the final say on what is or is not possible. Today, we’ll discuss a few money-saving tips to help you remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank. If you are considering a full-scale bathroom renovation, be sure to contact us today for more information!

Plan, Plan Ahead

“Measure once, cut once” is an old adage that highlights the importance of planning before taking the leap. Many unfortunate homeowners have learned the consequences of “Measure once, pay once,” where jumping ahead and getting excited about a different section can compromise the integrity of the entire project. Many self-styled home renovation experts seek out a professional for help before starting, investing in a form of cost control down the road. Between the plumbing, cabinetry, and tub, you’ll have a lot of features to worry about for your bathroom renovations. Small mistakes at any point in the bathroom remodeling process may end up leading to major corrections, driving up costs for materials and time.

Those who elect not to work with a designer can still benefit from planning out their bathroom renovation project. Be sure to conceptualize your goal before starting, as changing directions halfway through can be a risky venture. Everything you do will be dictated by this plan, and we suggest putting a lot of time and energy into Phase 1 before moving forward.

Refresh, Not Replace

In a lot of situations, homeowners decide to upgrade their bathroom because it is full of old, fading features that highlight how time has taken a toll on the space. One handy way to avoid paying a high price for your improvements is to simply refinish the items that desperately need improvement. A few handy areas to try this out include:

  • Toilets. Replacing your komode can quickly spike up the price of your remodel. If your toilet is not in the worst condition, it may prove beneficial to give it a facelift. The seat and lid are the two parts that you can affordably swap out, giving you a great deal of power in deciding how the toilet will end up looking at the end. This approach is also handy for saving time and energy, as toilet replacements can be intensive for some DIYers.
  • Walls. If the walls of your bathroom are looking a lot worse for the wear, one cost-effective approach is to simply cover the area with a different material. Different panel materials are available that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Wainscot, for example, consists of wood paneling that lines the lower section of walls in the home. This method has been popular for decades and can do wonders in reinvigorating your bathroom.
  • Tubs. While liners are an easy solution for homeowners looking for an economical way to improve the aesthetics of their bathtub, these devices rarely pan out in the long term. Instead, you have the option of refinishing your tub with a wide variety of different coatings or paints. When done correctly, this application can cover a lot of the superficial damages in your tub while creating a new surface that can enhance your bathroom’s design scheme.

When it comes to budget bathroom renovations, homeowners today have a large arsenal of strategies for creating outcomes that are as beautiful as they are cost effective. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by discussing a few more tips that may help with your large or small bathroom remodel. NTX Elite Construction is here to provide unbeatable bathroom remodeling to Dallas and North Texas homes. For years, our home remodeling contractors have worked to provide quality bathroom and kitchen renovation services, from minor repairs to full additions. We’ve worked hard to become your Top Rated Local® remodeling company, and we’re ready to show you the results. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote on your bathroom renovations!